Saturday, September 24, 2011


let me take this opportunity from my busy schedule to write a meaningful post.

today, i woke up early to study.

today, i smiled a lot to people i do not now.

today, i spoke with random people. i asked how they were.

today, i moved out from my comfort zone by being with people i do not really know personally.

today, i stayed with new friends and even stood for some awkward moments just to be with them.

today, i took my final exams. though unsure of the results, i was happy of the learning and new experiences.

today, i tried to finish all assignments. i was able to maximize my time.

today, i tried something new.

today, i will sleep with a happy heart.

Saturday, September 17, 2011



i have always made them since i dwell in order. except for my room which is still my next project for making it a little bit clean. and in order.

in my life, i have accounted for failure a little percentage in whatever i do. except for making good plans.

this week, my plan did not work again. a big f*ck up. by now, you may have realized that the only thing i have been putting all my energy and dedication is my career. the more i try, the more i end up hitting roadblocks and dead ends.

yeah, call me a pessimist.

but i will bounce back. better. stronger. watch out!



i have not posted any thought in this blog. however, that does not mean i am in love as other bloggers would attest to be the reason why they are not blogging much. take the case of ryan who got married last week. good for him.

and his entries are still there.

probably it was out of laziness in those moments when i was not studying or working. or out of taking an escape from things that occupy my mind most.

will share you soon...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Life in Words

haggard. school assignments. reports. deadline. frustrations. demanding. irrational. noisy. loud. palengkera. selfish bitch. self-righteous. overbearing. insensitive. aggressive. pressure. wounds.

hopeful. friends. dinner. appreciation. bonchon chicken. favorite song. stories. benj. pat. pau. may. free tuna. accomplished assignment. dad's flight. prospects. sister. conversation.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


kumusta naman at isang tanong pa lang ang nasasagutan ko sa assignment.

ubos ang oras ko sa pagfefezbuk at pagtingin ng kung anu-anong website. wish me luck at para perfect ulit ang makuha ko sa mga assignment.

lalo na sa nursing theories.