Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ring Ring Ring

i think i am going to change my ring tone for now. my current ring tone has attracted a lot of dreaded calls.

guess i also need to work my ass off too cause these calls are from my current work....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Package Deal


im back. but not for long. right about now, i am late for nearly two weeks for my assignments in my class and i still need to lose about three kilos so i can definitely say i am safe for hiring.

work is work. still adapting to the routines and to the hugeness of patient assignment. before, i only handled two patients for each shift. now? minimum of three!

my preceptor is the best. though we had a rough time two weeks ago (an incident which i think was a little bit insignificant), i will still say that i got the best one. very patient and very kind to my needs as a newbie.

my new work has a lot of great people. except for two staff nurses who are bitching about their greatness and our weaknesses. well, they are everywhere so i guess i have to deal with them just like the old times.

sleep has been a luxury for me. i am slowly becoming a panda with the eye bags that accompany me during night and afternoon shifts. just like the good old days.

for now, i am going to savor each learning moment and try to be the best that i can be. i have to remind myself that this is what i have been yearning for since 2010.

so the complicated routines, expectations, work load and crazy schedule, they are all part of this blessing.

hey you, how are you doing? i hope you are fine.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


allow me to release some mildly-rich temper that i have been keeping for the past 20 million days.


why must bitches exist in this world?

i can't.

Friday, January 13, 2012


wow. it has been 12 days since i did my last post here. this is happening again- me losing track of time due to work and away from my blog.

i am not complaining though. even if i had to sleep at 8 am and wake up at 5pm to work. or assist patients void, like at least every hour.

this is my life and this is what i asked for. i am okay and i am liking the way things are.

so, how are you? i hope you are all good.

Sunday, January 1, 2012



i would like to start the year by doing this: understanding other people. i believe much of my complains, discontent, loneliness and unhappiness can be solved by understanding other people.

in the process, i get to understand myself better. this year, i plan to achieve more, to be more positive and to be healthier. i only see possibilities and opportunities this year.

i did not wear great clothes or filled my pockets with money when 2011 bid goodbye and 2012 entered the scene. i was just there- silent and praying that God may lead me again through this year. that He may open my heart to His desires for my life. that my eyes see His wonderful plan for me. that He may direct my heart into understanding more the people around me. that He may touch my heart and be open to loving unconditionally.