Friday, May 30, 2014

Lessons from a PM Shift

tonight i will be on a night shift followed by a rest day then a morning shift.  so yeah, my rest day will be spent on the bed sleeping. but no, i will go home and enjoy my day.  as i have written here, i will spend more time with my family in any way i can.

two days ago, we admitted a patient in our unit.  upon admission, her condition was not stable and so after just more than an hour, she died.  while doing post-mortem care, her daughter told me that she should not have left her mom in her last hour.  she told me her mother was afraid to die and that she never wanted to be left behind.

i did what i had to do and told her that her mere presence here is enough.  then silence.

you see, i sometimes dread going home because of some issues with my family- finances, relatives and anything under the sun.  but growing old, i believe that no one can replace them.

so yeah, spend time with your loved ones anytime you can and always keep in mind that our days our numbered.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All of Me

Today, three people led me to greater realizations. You see, I have avoided standing out academically and professionally. It felt like all I wanted was to cruise my way to what I perceive are my goals. I wanted to be invisible. Somehow ordinary.

But the way I see things now, that desire has brought self-loathing for not maximizing my potentials. If I get unnoticed, it feels like I have something to prove to other people. 

And after all these years, I know that I should start giving all my best. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


okay, i was kidding.

i had to post now or it will take a lot of energy to fight off my laziness.  so yeah, i have been traveling here and there.  now let me show you where i went last april 26.  again, i was with people from work- new and old colleagues.  batangas was the place and it was the first time i had party under the sun.  one word: fun!

Coming Back

where do i start?

i could start with my trip to calaguas and how i got to meet new friends.  the beautiful island was not embarrassed to show its beauty.  my eyes could not stop staring at its beauty.  the sun was just highlighting the scenic shots that i had on my phone.  case in point, these:

these friends that i met treated me like their own.  got drunk with them and laughed so hard that i asked myself when was the last time i had so much fun like that .

i could also start with the unit outing to potipot island in zambales.  except for the food poisoning from indulging into too much food, it was a blast.  the laughters, the bonfire night and the trip to this island:

well i guess you have an idea now what kept me silent from this blog.  i still have to talk about my trip to batangas and pulag.  

this post will do for now.