Thursday, January 23, 2014

Trekking the New Year

welcoming this new year by  achieving something great!

last saturday, i have conquered mt. pinatubo.  it was a two-hour trek from the base camp but to go from the base camp, a one-hour bumpy and dusty travel riding a 4x4 is needed.  but everything i have endured was all worth it with the pictures and the experience that i had.

so this year is all about setting goals, working on them and achieving them.  as i have mentioned from my last post, i will try to visit three new places this year.  this is place number one.

as with my experience for the early part of this year, it has been like my trek to pinatubo- challenging, bumpy but worthy.  codes blue and difficult shifts at work, applications and some personal issues, i believe i am getting somewhere so i might as well enjoy the trek.

to 2014, i know that you will be my best year to date!