Thursday, November 22, 2012

Try Harder

just a thought before i sleep...

i hope this will motivate me to continue.

Dark Side

as i type this, ten times ko nang pinapakinggan ang kantang dark side. i feel that my dark side is already out sa work.

kapag may ayaw ako, i verbalize it or they can read it with my face. sometimes kasi, ang flattery in other forms are like permission to be abused. kaso naman, i do not ask for flattery. i just want a peaceful shift and a not-that-tiring case load. kadalasan, this is all but a wish.

so this week, ngarag ang lahat ng tao. the dread of being asked by the surveyors and knowing the right answer is too much for everybody to bear. kaya giving me the most challenging cases would not help. minsan lang kasi i feel na hindi patas. pero sabi nga ng iba, wala naman nagsasabi na patas ang buhay.

i just wish na matapos na ang stressful na week na ito and we hope to pass the accreditation.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Minatamis na Kamias

there is a disease in me.

a disease which tries to kill friendships and abolish soon-to-be formed friendships. and probably, intimate relationships.

it feels like it transforms into a self-defense trying to protect me from being hurt. or disappointed.

paano nga ba hindi maging maasim sa mga tao? i can't just be too sugar-coated all at once.