Friday, January 25, 2013

Food in My Mind


for like two days, i have been eating thai food. bagoong rice. spring rolls. seafood fired rice.

yeah, i have been eating like i was starved for five months. and then, here comes work making me feel like i deserved that cake and that hot fudge sundae.

yash, if you are reading this, do not feel bad. i wanted to eat those foods and i just can't stop.

here's the thing, haste really makes waste. so for now, i would like to take my time to do all the things that i love and all the things that i have to do.

including taking time to think of the next healthy meal.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Established in 1973

as i type this, i have been asking myself the direction that my life is taking right now.

unfinished assignments. incomplete school requirements. frequent internal whining at work. intense desire to leave the country.

there is this unrest in my heart that makes me question what i want in life.

i guess, your example should put me where i want to be- contented and at peace for you have gone to where your heart is.

happy birthday! cheers!

To Do

this year started by making everyone at the unit busy. high census. demanding relatives. sick people. this is how we roll.

totally spent and exhausted, i have yet to stop myself from binge eating and sitting in front of my laptop. thinking that i deserve all these unhealthy stuff, i wonder what the hell happened to my rest days.

discipline. self-control. priorities. i may have to start all over again.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


the new year.

i could not think of a perfect post to start the year but with this- me resisting to be the victim of apathy and lack of action to do what is right.

this is it...