Saturday, September 28, 2013

28th on the 28th

happy birthday to me! yay!

well, i could call this day as the most boring birthday celebration ever. boring in the sense that i just stayed home and slept for most of the day. no big celebration and no drinking session. but hey, i was able to have dinner with my family so i can cross out that wish on my list.

today, i decided that i need to have a tradition. something that i will have to do each birthday. so now, i am making my life list for 2013-2014.

1. learn how to swim
2. pass the ielts
3. save!
4. travel to 3 new places
5. reach ideal body weight and maintain it thereafter
6. be an expert in ecg reading
7. celebrate my birthday in a different country
8. and the most difficult to achieve, meet my life partner.

goodluck to number 8. there you go, year 28!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Birthday Wish List

1. dinner with the family
2. full body massage
3. travel to a new place even for just a day
4. swimming lessons
5. portable external hard drive
6. haircut
7. new shoes for work
8. brown boat shoes
9. turtle pie of conti's

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Old

few days from now, i am turning a year older. believe it or not, minsan, nalilito pa rin ako kung ilang taon na ako. 27 or 28 na nga ba? basta. minsan, i have to subtract the year that i was born to 2013. i feel like i stopped giving attention to my age but when my birth date is few days away, i get nostalgic and begin to feel old.

old kasi malapit na akong magthirty and in truth, i feel like i have not reached anything. yet.

well, that could stem from my point of reference. kung icocompare ko ang career path ko towards my friends na hindi naman nurse, madidisappoint talaga ako. or ang personal life ko naman sa mga nagpakasal, nagpapakasal, nagkaanak at magkaanak, i just have to think of my salary and okay na ang lahat. may justification na ako.

three things: ang aking AWOL na sa tantya ko ay magdudulot ng repeating the course sa aking master's degree, ang aking failed effort para maging fit at ang makahanap ng partner sa buhay. mga bagay na kumukurot sa puso ko.

sh*t, ang drama ko lang. pero sige. dahil malapit na nga ang birthday kaya siguro nagiging melodramatic ako.

bilang napagdesisyunan ko dati na babaguhin ko ang aking pananaw sa buhay, i have to be positive. kailangang magpasalamat sa kung anong meron ako.

i have to admit, mas na-appreciate ko ang family ko ngayon. same with my health and my work. these are true signs na tumatanda na ako but i am loving it.

kahit wala akong pera sa birthday, sige lang. i know my birthday next year will be better and bigger than ever.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


it was the first time. and i think, i will never forget it.

it started with my mouse playing on me. then the browser just went apathetic and finally, my laptop would not open anymore. the date was 26 and that would mean running very low on cash. but still, i had to make my laptop work. i was waiting for an important email.

greenhills saved me but it came with a price of 600 pesos. goodbye swimming lessons! goodbye travel plans. to think, i politely rejected the offer of my aunt to buy me a new laptop.

calculating my steps and well, the remaining money, my laptop was revived. aimlessly, i bought some stuff to keep me until the next pay day when it happened. upon paying at the counter, i realized that i was short on money and i had to cancel some stuff!

was i embarrassed? probably a bit but it definitely made a mark on me- that i should save and take care of the things that i have.

gotta have some discipline.