Thursday, July 3, 2014


let us talk about death.

as someone who deals with death at work, i realized a lot of things.  for one, death knows no one.  you could be rich.  you could be an american, japanese, italian, filipino or whatever race.  you could be the president of a country.  you could be a national artist.  you could be a housekeeper.  you could be a person who does no vice and eats the right kinds of food.  you could be a religious person who prays everyday.  you could be a doctor.  however, death will surely come to you.

death chooses no time as well.  it strikes whether you are ready or not.  it comes whether you have settled your grudges with someone.  it surprises you.  sometimes, it is kind to you allowing time for you to prepare.  it knows no occasion or special dates.  it could be christmas or new year.  

lastly, death changes everything.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014



i am doing this- blogging.  for some reason, my energy has been low.  motivation almost non-existent.  it is as if my life is on a standstill.  no, probably on a plateau.  i know what i want but somehow, i do not do anything to get it.  there is no excitement.  there is no thrill.  could it be my hormones?  or, my lack of actual personal relationships?

recently, i have tried tinder.  initially, i just wanted to try what my friends are telling me.  but i am liking it now.  one question from a match at the application asked me what i was doing before venturing to tinder and not dating.


i could not think of any.  this just proved how boring my life is.  boring in the sense that it is steady.  not much of a roller coaster ride.  i believe there will be a time that things will change.  somebody will come to my life and make a full turn of what i am and what i am doing right now.

thinking of an answer, my life revolves on career and studies.  but now that nothing seems to matter to me, i would like excitement.  for something to make me wake up in the morning full of zest and do amazing things.

i hope this could be the start.