Thursday, July 3, 2014


let us talk about death.

as someone who deals with death at work, i realized a lot of things.  for one, death knows no one.  you could be rich.  you could be an american, japanese, italian, filipino or whatever race.  you could be the president of a country.  you could be a national artist.  you could be a housekeeper.  you could be a person who does no vice and eats the right kinds of food.  you could be a religious person who prays everyday.  you could be a doctor.  however, death will surely come to you.

death chooses no time as well.  it strikes whether you are ready or not.  it comes whether you have settled your grudges with someone.  it surprises you.  sometimes, it is kind to you allowing time for you to prepare.  it knows no occasion or special dates.  it could be christmas or new year.  

lastly, death changes everything.

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