Saturday, January 2, 2016


happy new year!

i am writing this post in my bed after celebrating new year's eve in london last night and watching the new  year's parade in regent street this morning.  tired and exhausted, it was all worth it.  

2015 has gone by so fast and in trying to establish my new life here in cambridge, i only managed to write few blog posts here.  ang daming dapat ilook back at ipagpasalamat sa nakaraang taon.  moved here.  got my license.  met new friends.  been to really beautiful places.  started going to the gym and eating healthy (though i am off from it since last week).  madami pa.  there were a lot of changes and to say i am blessed is an understatement.

this year, madami akong dreams.  maraming goals na gustong ma-achieve.  maraming changes na gustong gawin.  eto sila:

-eat healthy
-continue going to the gym
-practice yoga six days a week
-save money!
-pay debts
-set up emergency fund
-travel more 
-chat/ call more family
-smile a lot
-avoid talking about people
-never demean myself
-avoid whining
-control reactions to situations
-always see the perspective of other people
-clean room as often as i can
-never pile up dirty laundry
-never pile up rubbish
-avoid impulsive buying
-give back to people
-plan and plan and plan
-read thirty books
-write more often

i hope magawa ko sila. welcome 2016! :-)