Thursday, December 11, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Begin Again

it took me almost a month to write something new here.  iniisip ko, wala naman bago saken. i'm still here. i think i was just caught up with reading books, watching movies and some cool t.v. series plus trying to get fit.

as you might have noticed, i stopped counting the days dito sa blog.  however, i try to forgive myself from time to time for trying to calculate just how many days are left before i leave.  i just want to enjoy the days and making them matter instead of waiting for that day when i will start a new life.

with that, i think i might have read at least 12 books. they are mostly about financial literacy and some inspirational non-fiction ebooks.  included are some romance novels which i don't shy away from admitting since the marked men series by jay crownover was really good.  i decided to plan for my financial health as well.  i also got myself some books about some famous men and their lives.  

almost everyday, tumatakbo ako but the thing is, i believe tumaba na ako.  between reading and jogging at night, lalo ata lumakas ang gana ko sa pagkain.  i want to get fitter and i want to prepare myself for the great days coming ahead.  

safe.  boring.  routine,  some words to describe my life right now but i am okay with it.  not entirely happy but as the year ends, i know i can begin again.