Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three Things

beginnings, closures and starting over.

these words perfectly describe my year.

i was about to begin a new life in libya when a revolution decided that it was not for me. i had a closure when i withdrew my papers and started again with my life at the office after retracting my resignation.

i was about to begin my nursing career at the bedside with my old company when my attempt was rejected. i searched for other hospitals until san culas came. now, i am starting over at the telemetry unit.

i have already said that i was praying to be back at the bedside by the first quarter of 2012 but even now, God has decided that i have to be at the bedside by December of 2011.

God is so merciful that even if i end up with a failure or a closure, there is always another beginning where i could start over again.

my faith tested and my endurance was showing its prowess. friends, families and enemies as well has given me the force to continue and to carry on with my life.

goodbye 2011. you have changed me forever.

welcome 2012. i welcome you with great hope knowing that with God, you will be a prosperous year for me and my family. and that you will prove to be better than 2011!

2011 Part 4


twins' birthday. first semestral break from my masters'. got a 1.25 and 1.00 for my two subjects, yay! after waiting for almost a month and getting busted at the office for applying at san culas, i finally got the text that i was scheduled for an examination. i passed and i moved on with the first part of the interview portion...


chriselle went home from canada! reunion at red box! yay!

one of the most stressful months of the year as i had to process my application for san culas while still employed with fundamental tossan. i was absent for at least five days and stress was building up on me.

then i passed the final interview. medical exam almost did not allow me to proceed as i had elevated blood pressure and i was overweight. i risked it and started with training at san culas. i resigned from work and had to serve a two-week notice so for two weekss, attended training from 8-5 then from 7-11 pm, i had to go to work at fundamental tossan. weekdays were also spent at work but i did not complain. i was happy with san culas...


never expected i could be busier than when i was working at the office. i was making videos, taking exams and performing nursing skills for training. i was tired but i was happy.

got new friends and learned so many things. monster mom is becoming money monster mom. boo! christmas and new year with only the four of us at home. glad to have my relatives from my mom's side. yay!

2011 Part 3


met poan! yay! went to their place to celebrate lei's first birthday. lechon!


had my acls training and i passed after almost bleeding to death of the things that i had to learn. jonah left our house and went home. benj was mad at me for over a week after my comment on his post. my stupid mouth was to blame.


birthday month! pau went home and the gang went to enchanted kingdom. celebrated my day with three of my closest friends- christian, pat and may at trinoma! yay!

tried to ask for transfer to the nursing service but got rejected. i was told to make a back up plan so i did. i passed my credentials at san culas.

2011 Part 2


met sheila who came home from saudi. truly one of my closest friends. we talked about our careers and life in general. from here, i decided to take chances if ever i pursue my career with quality management or if there is a chance to go back to the bedside.


still not in a harmonious relationship at home. botcha girl was still botcha. big boss rejected the request of his another staff to transfer at the bedside making me consider my chances of doing the same.

benj went home!


started school at upou! yay! mavs won their first nba crown! wohoo! watched hillsongs concert! yayuh!

2011 Part 1

as i grow old, i become more sentimental. this year, i have been through a lot of emotional, psychological and physical challenges that looking back, i feel a mix of joy, sadness, relief and gratefulness.

so now, i am taking a moment of the remaining time before i bid goodbye to this year of knowing myself more. to the year that has stretched my endurance towards the challenges of life.


i grabbed the chance for an interview to be back at the bedside. at the end of the month, i was busy preparing my papers.


i resigned from work and told them i was going to libya. i was done with my medical exam, papers (care of my sister) and resignation letter. did not sign my regularization papers and then, protests in egypt occurred and the next thing i knew, libya was in revolution as well.

my sister left the country for qatar when i was sure i was leaving the country. i had to accept the fact that my chance to work overseas disappeared into thin air. i could not do nothing but watch.


the twins were done with college. dad left for haiti and i retracted my resignation. i accepted the fact that i will be working still with bitchy boss and botcha girl.

i started looking for school were i can take my masters. anne from egypt and i had dinner as we reminisced the past where all we could care were the patients to take care of. we were both clueless as to where to go again after the libyan dream was put on hold. indefinitely.



mom, me and the twins. the four of us will be celebrating the new year at our home. as far as i can recall, this is the first time that we will welcome the coming year with four people.

suddenly, i felt myself swallowing the words i said to those people wanting to be complete come Christmas. i never felt the silence of our house nor the spaces that were so used to the noise of many people- my dad, sis and jonah.

this year is different. but still, many thanks to you 2011.

Broke But Happy

i spent my night walking in front of our house trying to burn the extra cups of rice i have taken at dinner.

this is good. at least, i was spared from spending at least 300 pesos for food and coffee at our annual high school reunion.

at the last minute, i bailed out. i was a good liar to my friends/ classmates. i thought that i need to save some money as i am not sure if i will have some money to spend in the next three weeks for food.

i am literally broke.

but you know what, i am happy that i am broke for the right reason. my current status professionally has given me the reason to wake up with extra excitement knowing i will wear my white uniform and that later during the day, i will be at the bedside.

in the mean time, i still need to lose 6 more kilos and the holiday season is not helping me at all. good luck!

Friday, December 30, 2011



was busy again as i started my real clinical exposure at the telemetry unit. i miss this- writing my heart on this humble home.

i hope i can all write my emotions, experiences and lessons learned for this year before it ends.



Saturday, December 24, 2011


i had enough with the negative posts.

this is me, channeling the more positive person that i can be. so i will begin with my work now. as you know, i am still with the training department of the nursing service. yesterday was my second day of deployment at the unit which i will be assigned.

if the guy from london is into the kidneys and the guy from california is into bones, i have just re-affirmed my commitment to the heart.

in the past, i have worked as a critical care nurse handling cases from the medical intensive care unit and the coronary care unit. however, i was really handling more medical icu cases rather than the coronary cases.

when our area of assignment was announced, i was not entirely happy. i wanted an intensive area of assignment but i was placed at the telemetry unit. all of that changed when i had my exposure at the telemetry unit. i realized that the cases admitted at the unit were exactly similar to what i was handling at the coronary care unit in egypt.

even the medications and the routine were somehow close to what i had before. and with that, i fully embraced my assignment. in fact, it was the next best thing to my first choice of assignment which was coronary care unit. with my new work, the coronary care unit is just five steps away from our unit. logically, if i wanted to be transferred to the intensive area, it would be best if i will be at the coronary care unit.

our plans are really limited. we thought that with our plan, it is the best one for us. when shit happens, we sulk and feel down. this Christmas, i have learned to fully trust Him with my life- career, love life, finances, family and happiness.

Merry Christmas!

*picture taken here.

Friday, December 23, 2011


i guess 400 years was not enough for you to be honest with yourself that you are really not that bright to be at par with your colleagues who came from schools you never heard of.

or schools you do not want to recognize. and so you decided to intimidate the gentleman whom you consider as your friend to change the answers of your exam. sensing that he would not give in, you just grabbed your paper without giving a thought to the other people inside the room.

and i guess, being the pontifical one did not make you a human being who knows how to work with other people and much more exhibit values that should be inherent to people who come from your institution.

good luck to you. may you prove your self-proclaimed worth.

Copa del Rey

i am saying adios to you. keep safe and strong.

Saturday, December 17, 2011



this is me, charl. i hope you still remember me. yes, i have been very busy the past few days but i would like you to know that i am very happy. so happy that i don't miss fundamental tossan at all.

i have new friends now. i laugh more and i interact with people you might think i would not bother giving attention. i encourage people a lot.

it is with pleasure to announce also that i did not hate myself for getting scores of 3/5 for my skills validation exam. i did not blame other people but focused on myself. perfection is something i do not long for. i am for the learning and improvement.

i am not perfect also. and i am loving every minute of it. these changes i guess were something i needed.

God is really good. two months ago, i was praying to be back at the bedside by next year. today, the year will end with me back at the bedside. there is really a God in this world that is full of doubt, hatred and chaos.

yes i am financially broke but i am happy. i did not leave. i was just busy enjoying life. :-)