Friday, December 23, 2011


i guess 400 years was not enough for you to be honest with yourself that you are really not that bright to be at par with your colleagues who came from schools you never heard of.

or schools you do not want to recognize. and so you decided to intimidate the gentleman whom you consider as your friend to change the answers of your exam. sensing that he would not give in, you just grabbed your paper without giving a thought to the other people inside the room.

and i guess, being the pontifical one did not make you a human being who knows how to work with other people and much more exhibit values that should be inherent to people who come from your institution.

good luck to you. may you prove your self-proclaimed worth.


Raymond said...

Ohh...I'm sensing something with this post. 400 years of unending grace ba ito?LOL

Charltoninho said...

haha. this was a personal encounter of a portion of that population coming from that institution.... hope i didn't offend you. :-)