Saturday, December 31, 2011

Broke But Happy

i spent my night walking in front of our house trying to burn the extra cups of rice i have taken at dinner.

this is good. at least, i was spared from spending at least 300 pesos for food and coffee at our annual high school reunion.

at the last minute, i bailed out. i was a good liar to my friends/ classmates. i thought that i need to save some money as i am not sure if i will have some money to spend in the next three weeks for food.

i am literally broke.

but you know what, i am happy that i am broke for the right reason. my current status professionally has given me the reason to wake up with extra excitement knowing i will wear my white uniform and that later during the day, i will be at the bedside.

in the mean time, i still need to lose 6 more kilos and the holiday season is not helping me at all. good luck!


ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

being broke is the best way to lose weight! haha

Charltoninho said...

it is! happy new year!ú