Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Part 1

as i grow old, i become more sentimental. this year, i have been through a lot of emotional, psychological and physical challenges that looking back, i feel a mix of joy, sadness, relief and gratefulness.

so now, i am taking a moment of the remaining time before i bid goodbye to this year of knowing myself more. to the year that has stretched my endurance towards the challenges of life.


i grabbed the chance for an interview to be back at the bedside. at the end of the month, i was busy preparing my papers.


i resigned from work and told them i was going to libya. i was done with my medical exam, papers (care of my sister) and resignation letter. did not sign my regularization papers and then, protests in egypt occurred and the next thing i knew, libya was in revolution as well.

my sister left the country for qatar when i was sure i was leaving the country. i had to accept the fact that my chance to work overseas disappeared into thin air. i could not do nothing but watch.


the twins were done with college. dad left for haiti and i retracted my resignation. i accepted the fact that i will be working still with bitchy boss and botcha girl.

i started looking for school were i can take my masters. anne from egypt and i had dinner as we reminisced the past where all we could care were the patients to take care of. we were both clueless as to where to go again after the libyan dream was put on hold. indefinitely.

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