Wednesday, July 2, 2014



i am doing this- blogging.  for some reason, my energy has been low.  motivation almost non-existent.  it is as if my life is on a standstill.  no, probably on a plateau.  i know what i want but somehow, i do not do anything to get it.  there is no excitement.  there is no thrill.  could it be my hormones?  or, my lack of actual personal relationships?

recently, i have tried tinder.  initially, i just wanted to try what my friends are telling me.  but i am liking it now.  one question from a match at the application asked me what i was doing before venturing to tinder and not dating.


i could not think of any.  this just proved how boring my life is.  boring in the sense that it is steady.  not much of a roller coaster ride.  i believe there will be a time that things will change.  somebody will come to my life and make a full turn of what i am and what i am doing right now.

thinking of an answer, my life revolves on career and studies.  but now that nothing seems to matter to me, i would like excitement.  for something to make me wake up in the morning full of zest and do amazing things.

i hope this could be the start.

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