Friday, January 16, 2009

Good and Bad

changes. transitions. alterations. modifications.

all seem to bring new things into one's life. i have been asking myself these past few days about the changes that have transpired within the months that i have been working here in egypt.

weight is one as i have lost 10 kgs since september. quite an amazing achievement as i have worn the pair of jeans that i bought from the philippines which i was not able to close the zipper properly back then.

maturity? well i guess. i dont complain much and i am more congenial than before.

but then again, i felt that i have lost my passion for learning. my work has offered me a lot in terms of skills and attitude. but the knowledge, very minimal. i guess i have to brush off the dust that have been lingering in the cover of the books that i brought from the philippines.

most importantly, i forgot about those whom i have in my life. i have become so concerned about myself that i lost them in my life...

changes. transitions. alterations. modifications. they can be so good and bad...

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