Monday, April 9, 2012


i have a theory.

and it pertains to the question of losing enthusiasm or zeal in one aspect of your life. last year, i was really passionate about my masters. now, that passion is missing.

i never missed the deadline and reading prior to an exam was a must. however, you all know that i am still not done with my two assignments.

the exams were okay. far from what i expected to get. pretty decent for someone who never opened his modules or for someone who took it in one hour instead of taking it for three hours.

this is my theory: when one area in your life is perfectly fine, that one area where you are constantly focused on giving your best, other areas of your life suffer to neglect.

with my new work, i have stopped working to better myself. when i was at the office, i took every opportunity to be a better nurse. even not a bedside nurse. i got in to different seminars and i started with school.

now that i am back at the bedside, everything else seems to be of secondary importance.

this is bad.


this is my answer to your predicament. you know who you are.

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