Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Critical Low

most of the days, my mind is just floating.  then, i get to work and force myself to change into nursing mode.  after that, balik na naman sa dati- internet addict, constant procrastinator and forever dreamer.  when combined, i accomplish nothing and i always end up asking myself kung ano na nangyari sa buhay ko.

i am always reminded of the realization that i had in the past- when things are going great, complacency sets in.  it is this battle that i have struggled for the longest time.  case in point, my masters.  when i started, i was still at the office and to compensate for not being a "true" nurse, i enrolled for my masters degree.  i was great back then.  now as a bedside nurse, i could not care less for the pending requirements that i have.  i feel like a wasted a lot of effort and money.

then, there is this pursuit to relearn all things that i have been doing in the past.  the drive is there but the discipline to read and to research seems to be in a stagnant critical low level.  hence, the constant posting of motivational messages.

hope it works.

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