Friday, October 18, 2013

Progress Notes Day 2

another systems review. :-)

a.) career- a little progress with neurologic assessment. was floated again at the neurocritical care unit and was able to join the endorsement. well, more of a grand rounds with the famous neuro intensivist. about ecg, was able to attend a seminar for ecg reading. i really need to devote more time for this.

this week, i was also floated at the orthopedic unit. never enjoyed my stay there. a lot of patients and i never liked their system.

b.) relationships- had a fun night with friends from my original unit and was able to meet my besty. yay for this! i am also typing this post from our home here in the province. yay again for real food and conversations with the fam.

there's also this person who i want to meet. this person makes me think deeper. his words always leave me thinking but ending up fascinated by how much he knows.

c.) fitness- nothing to say. but, tomorrow is another day.

d.) aspirations- i am bothered by my professor's email about my two courses still awaiting for my completion of requirements. i think i just can't do it now due to financial reasons and the fact that most of the time, i surf the net, sleep, eat, work, dream then repeat.

will now make my nursing care plan...

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