Sunday, March 8, 2015


it's been a month and two weeks now since i left philippines to start a new life in the united kingdom.  it has been that long that i have not really blogged anything about my life in general.

i came here in cambridge in the middle of the winter season.  i thought the temperatures at mt. pulag were the coldest but i have never really been into a place with winter season so there, yeah, welcome to u.k.  i can still recall my last days in the philippines.  i was still going through my same routine- wake up late, surf the net, eat lunch, sleep, watch t.v., help in some chores, eat dinner, jog, take a bath, surf the net and sleep late.  that summed up my life.  but by january 20, it finally dawned on me that i will be leaving for another place to live and start working again.  it finally made sense to me the need to pack my life of 20+ years in a luggage limited to 30 kgs.  

looking back, i waited eagerly for january 22.  i have been waiting for it that somehow, i missed enjoying the things that i can back home.  seriously, i miss the sun.  i can count on my fingers that number of days when the sun shone brightly.  i miss the food- the flavor and the richness of taste that we have back home.  i find the food here bland but somehow, it tends to be on the healthier side.  i miss my friends.  i miss my family.

but then, there are a lot of things to be thankful for.  it begins with the opportunity to be here and that i get to work in one big reputable medical institution.  i get to live in a more comfortable life thinking just about my work and my schooling.  patients here are generally nicer and well, more patient.  in some areas of work itself, they tend to be lighter but the nurse-patient ratio is still something that i should get used to.  back home, i was used to work with five-six patients but here, it tends to double up to ten to 11 per one nurse.

for now, i am just gonna enjoy the things that i can.  learn everything that i can. and love everything that i can.

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