Friday, March 11, 2016


currently, my legs are on fire.  thighs are crying and my hamstrings sore.  my upper body is also sore from yesterday's session with sam.  

for three months now, i have been practising ashtanga yoga.  back home, i really wanted to try yoga but it was always expensive.  now that i have the means and the time to practice it, there was no excuse for me not to immerse myself into the wonderful world of ashtanga.

there are days when i just could not complete a pose.  still catching my breath especially with the surya namaskara b.  but i am getting there.  i see some changes.

likewise, it will be a year in a few weeks time since i started going to the gym.  from not being able to lift a 20-kg bar to doing dead lifts, bench press and squats, changes can be seen from my body.

initially, i just wanted to look good.  to attract people.  however, my motivation now is to be healthy, calm and at peace with who i am.

as i have said to a friend, my happiness and worth do not depend on other people.

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