Monday, December 17, 2018

Day 1

It has been more than a year since my last post.  Marami na ang nangyari- may masaya at may malungkot.

Pero, may mga bagay na nanatili pa rin.  I am still single and still in pursuit for life.  Still overweight and in debt.  Still yearning to be the best without making much effort.

Nasa London na ako ngayon.  After nearly four years, nilisan ko na ang Cambridge which has been my home.  Mahirap to leave friends and to leave the workplace you have come to know.  However, things have changed.  I hope to tell your more of the reasons why I moved to London.

For now, let me write about starting Day 1 of the rest of my life.  I am hoping to chronicle how my life progresses in this new city.  Kasama na ang career, love life at mga ambisyon.  Kasama na ang mga katangahan, mga pangamba, mga bagong karanasan at mga bagong aral sa buhay.

Day 1 will be all about mindset and the mentality change. Tomorrow will be a change of how I see life and how I will want it to be.  I will affirm myself of what I am and what I can become.  I think I was too defeated mentally in that walang drive and motivation.  In part, masyado ata akong stimulated by social media na wala akong time for mindfulness and dream.

So bukas, I will start by meditating and praying.  I-aafirm ang sarili na greater things are in store for me...  That change is coming.

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