Monday, April 28, 2008


i love beginnings. there is that joy of having to start anew. the thought of not knowing what will happen next is such a delight for me. you know in your mind that this could be great and it is in this light that i am starting this- my blog...

i have always wanted to have a diary. an avenue where i can share my all and this beginning is truly a treasure. i was a writer back in highschool but come college, i opted to focus only on my studies and somehow forgot my love for writing. this is also a start for my forgotten love for writing.

simple. i am simple. i am easily delighted by simple things. i live a simple life. no drama and no action. i have been cocooned into this simplicity that now, i desire to live a different life. adventurous but meaningful. i desire to break free and see the world in a different way.

in a few weeks, i know that a new beginning for me is about to happen. i am happy but nervous as well. this is my beginning...

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