Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friends, Foods and Feelings

impossible. it is impossible to live in this world without friends, foods and feelings...

yesterday, i was a at a friend's baptismal party. i was a godparent of her son. there, i met some of my closest friends from high school. gosh! why did i become so huge?!!! i've got to make adjustments now on my lifestyle. it will surely make you feel less like a shit lolz.

i am always misunderstood as being snobbish but do i care? hell no! i have friends that really know me and they are enough for me. however, i still love meeting new friends. i just don't know if it's because of how i look or the way i carry myself. nevertheless, i am improving in this department.

nothing beats the company of good friends plus the delight from good food. i had a sumptuous meal yesterday! literally, food was flowing! i had no choice but to had a taste of the good life.ú

so how do i feel now? i feel great. i am happy. at the same time, i feel like i'm a monster of how i added some pounds these past few months. i feel awkward because sometimes, i dont know how to carry myself. now is the time to get past of these negative feelings and improve on myself...

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