Thursday, May 1, 2008

On Waiting

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i am a registered nurse. by august, i will celebrate my first year of being a licensed nurse after passing the licensure examination. does it feel great? no it does not because come august, i will also celebrate my first year of being a jobless and unproductive citizen.

you see, i graduated at the top of my class. in every way, i feel that i am deserving to get a job as a nurse. i am not being conceited or too confident about myself but it is just that things for me really suck. i cannot find a job and what's worse is none of the hospitals i applied for gave a reply to my application.

nevertheless, i am not alone in this bitter plight. most of my batchmates have this same situation that i have. to make it more depressing, some of our batchmates who were happy-go-lucky students got in to the most prestigous hospitals of the country. how? by using the backer/palakasan/kakilala system. it is a system which utilizes the connection of a particular applicant to an employee/administrator in a hospital. it means easy application or even being hired.

it pains me to hear these stories. it makes me think about myself and ask if i am not worthy of being accepted even in just one hospital. the backer system is for people who are not confident of their credentials. they could not get in the right way because they know within themselves that they will not pass. at least for my own thoughts...

finishing college as an achievement? definitely not! it is only the start of a more difficult process. until when shall i wait?

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