Friday, May 16, 2008

Life List #1

It has been awhile since I made my last post. So many things happened to me that I cannot keep up a complete record of what I have been doing the past few weeks. I have realized a lot of things in which I am going to enumerate them now:

a.) Never watch a TV show in which it will only make you feel bad and make you look dumb. For example, don’t watch people nurturing the immaturity of their housemate.

b.) Give yourself a time to be alone. It will make you grow.

c.) It is never too late to start learning another language or learning something new.

d.) Drinking hot cups of tea can make you really feel better.

e.) It is never too much to smile.

f.) Never shop when you are excited.

g.) Don’t feel guilty for spending too much on books.

h.) It never hurts to read more.

i.) It is always nice to be in a new place meeting new people.

j.) Greeting people can never go wrong.
originally posted on friendster last december 28, 2007

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