Saturday, May 3, 2008

PBB Teen Edition Season 2

i love watching PBB Teen Edition Season 2. well, not the whole show. i love some parts of it and some of the housemates. i consider this show as a breath of fresh air. i just love looking on the lives of these teenagers. i believe that there is a voyeur in everyone of us. it is for this reason that reality TV shows are such a hit nowadays.

can i just say that PBB is a reality TV show? this is intended for the people behind this show. there should be no manipulation of how the housemates will conduct their lives there. i mean, there should be no crappy set ups of some sorts of making the show run. i believe that the show should flow naturally. no hang ups and no creation of absurd situations that you think people will buy. the Filipino viewers are becoming more intelligent and please respect this by not making us stupid.

i say that this batch has so much appeal than before. about 60% are pleasing to the eyes. forgive me for this but i just dont like watching people who are not really pleasant to the eyes. this could mean on the physical side or the characteristics of a particular housemate. i will go to this specifically later...

i really don't like unfair setups in real life. who wants being treated unfairly? in this light, i just dont like the way KUYA/BIG BROTHER is treating some of the housemates...

now, we go to the housemates as i see them on TV...

ejay- i like his being torpe of courting valerie... he's industrious, unpretentious and simple. but that's just it for me. nothing really exciting.

nan- just for comic relief. i think he has to live up to his nickname to be felt in the house. also industrious but somehow quite silent.

jolas- my schoolmate. nevertheless, i will never vote for him. such a lazy teen! he dos not even want to hear criticisms. how can he be an athlete for that matter? he should do more and be more than just muscle.

kevin- i like his independence, transparency and honesty. his being a Spanish really shines with his decisions and principles in life. very dynamic with his personality. very determined in life.

josef- lazy, disrespectful and such a player! not a good example for the youth. it makes me regret my choice of studying at his school with his behavior.

alex- quite a good guy. nothing much about his personality.

linda- stubborn and insensitive.

nicole- quite lazy and really innocent. young and naive as well. needs to learn a lot from life inside the house.

jing- totally abhor her! such a disgrace to the show. there's nothing to like about her.

beauty- same with jing! backstabber and pretentious! conceited and flirt doublesided person! she thinks she's funny but hell no! i just hope she will not be able to return to the house lolz.

valerie- very independent, patient and always smiling. simple and very lovable! never complains.

rona- always misunderstood. i like her because she is not afraid of thinking aloud. she speaks what's on her mind and never discouraged of sad realities. she gets up and fights back to the challenges of life.

priscilla- i admire her. very positive in every aspect of her life. i am inspired by her courage to live her life normally even with the disability she has. very spirited young girl and intelligent as well. even if she kinda lives in a different world, she makes it easy for herself to live at peace with everyone and everything around her.

robi- my bet for the big winner. responsible, a true leader, intelligent, caring, fair, sensitive to the needs of others, very true to his self and a good example. i see myself in him though he knows how to have a good time and really blends well with people.

call me jologs or what but i like the show. in addition, there is a possibility that beauty will not be back and im excited about that. not that she got injured but the fact that i will not be seeing her face makes me jump for joy lolz. i love watching it. it makes me wanna go back to the not so distant years of my life and remember the good old days.

there are some things that i have not done like meeting more friends, going to parties and even having a girlfriend back in highschool. do i regret these? to a certain extent yes but to look from where i am now, i am happy and contented. i hope i can still have the time to do those things and enjoy life more. the show is about life per se. it has challenges, happiness, sadness and dissappointments. i don't need to be in that house to realize these but to show other perspectives about life, i will definitely live in that house from my TV...


Anonymous said...

wow chalts.. addiction at its your blogs.. waaah sana makaenrol na tau admu..lolz,..^_^

Charltoninho said...

hi benj! thank you for the time. i really appreciate it!

addiction at its peak ba? i'd obsession at its finest!