Friday, May 16, 2008

The Misty Window

There is something about rainy days that makes me melancholic. It could be the color of the sky or the monotonous sounds of raindrops tumbling down from the sky. Whatever it is, it makes me ask myself, "How am I?"

I was watching Kyle by the whole afternoon and though embarrassing, I was not guilty of having to waste my time in front of the T.V. than read my book. Clearly, I have become addicted of that T.V. series. I may not be on my teenage years but I still feel like I am and watching Kyle XY didn't help me surpass my fixation for the kind of life teenagers have. Simply, I was missing the life that I had few years back. It is the life wherein you just have to go to school, meet friends and pass the exams. What made it worse is that the show featured the "typical" life that a teenager has which I considered very dissimilar of mine. I didn't have dates or parties attended. I didn't have a car (but this is so not a big deal for me) and I didn't have an adventurous lifestyle. Meaning, boring.

Since I was a schooler, I have dreamt of living the "life" of the American people or any foreigner that I think looks cool. The way their houses look like, their schools, their malls, their environment and everything that makes their world, I have always wished to be in their place. I have thought of this as my immaturity but I guess this is not the appropriate term right now. With all the blessings that I received and all the goodness of God that He showers me, it is just simply my blindness to the treasures that I have.

I have always lived by the cliché that everything happens for a reason. I know that the reasons for everything that had happened and for those that will happen will one by one unfold in God's time. I may not be able to grasp it immediately but I will never fail in trying to do so. The show made me realize that I can do more about my life. It may be different but I can do something to make it better. It may not be perfect but isn’t worse. My life is just simply mine, no shortcuts for happiness or formula for bliss. I may not be like Kyle with extraordinary abilities but I can be like him- a good son, brother, friend and a partner for every soul that will need my existence.

For sure, people have been right about envy or discontentment. It only leads you to demise. It poisons you and clogs the clear perception of what is truly notable and worthy. It is just like the raindrops on my window, making my view misty

originally posted on friendster last october 23, 2007

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