Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers' Day or Monsters' Day?

i usually don't like the second week of may. mothers' day is definitely there and i just cant seem to find myself joining the craziness of the people. cakes, cards, greetings, heartwarming messages? ugh!
now before you judge me, let me introduce you to my mom. it's not i hate her but sometimes, she's becoming too much for us kids to handle her.
a. she talks alot! in a very loud and irritating voice! i mean can she just tell it in a nice way? it would be very pleasing for us to do whatever she asks if she speaks in a very calm voice.
b. she possess a room of negative words for each and everyone of us especially if we make mistakes. and if she on the other hand commits mistakes, she will not hear a single word from us. i mean, it will be okay for us this way but the things is, she makes it a point to connect her mistakes to us!
c. you always to return whatever favor she did for you. i mean the mere household chores of cooking, doing the laundry and ironing clothes, she will ask you a favor for doing those stuff! you see, that is her responsibility. have i told you she's my mom? why the need for us to return favors? we know that we owe her a lot for our lives but she does not need to tell it to us.
d. parents are supposed to make a livelihood for kids right? why then are we obliged to send our siblings to school? isn't that is their responsibility? my dad never lets us feel that way who by the way is our main breadwinner. but my mom? she always makes us feel that oh we really have to pay our dues for her for she did made our life easier... grr!
e. i don't think she has ever heard the word impulsive and dominant for she does not know that she is like that! she always takes things to her side alone with no consultation or whatsoever. she wants to be in control in everything and in anything.
mom, if by chance you ever read this, this is not meant to hurt you. i just want you to realize that sometimes or most of the times, we are hurt by your actions. we just want to be a happy family. your concept of being a mom and a parent is sometimes hurting us. forgive us you are hurt by these. we just dont know what to do with our relationship but still, we are your children. happy mothers'day.

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