Monday, December 8, 2008

The Good Side

mukha raw akong masaya dito sa egypt sabi ng mga friends ko. ang sabi ko sa sarili ko, talaga lang ha.

sarcastic? not really. i am just not that convinced with the way people perceive how i am doing here in egypt. the thing is, siyempre sa mga pictures kailangan kong magsmile e pangit naman kung nakasimangot ako so un siguro ung dahilan kung bakit tingin nila, ok na ok ako dito sa ehipto.

it is not that life is so bad here in egypt but the things is, i came here for work and if you are to talk about my work, it is not that nice. well it is because partly of the local nurses here are unprofessional and we filipino nurses in this area are few. most of the time, the patients that we handle are pangit. i mean you can't do anything but just to deal with them.

but, enough for this bad side of my life in egypt. little by little, i feel that i am comfortable with my area except when i am alone in a particular shift with no filipino nurses around. i think that i am gaining some pounds also since i do not let myself get hungry at work. i am also starting to grow as a person with all these things that i have endured these past 3 months.

i try to think that i am more lucky than other nurses in the philippines. i have work and i get paid for it. hindi nga lang kalakihan pero it is still good. maraming nalalaman pero it is up to me pa rin kung pano ku pagiibayuhin ang knowledge ko. people here kasi do things without really knowing why they are doing it. scary di ba? but God is gracious.

kahapon nagcity stars kami and today, carrefour. gala talaga kasi kailangan mong magrelax talaga since it is your off and it should be spent wisely. somehow, i sound mature diba? hehe well that is good news kung ganon. kaya sa ngayon, tiis muna and try to see the good side of everything.

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manilenya said...

buti ka nga nakakagala e ..ako wala tignan mo sa sobrang kawalaan walang maiblag lol!