Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Prayer

life coming to a point of remembering its culmination is a glorious and meaningful event. today, it is my 24th birthday.

i didn't want to be melodramatic or succumb to a mellow mood. i should be happy because first and foremost, i have reached another year of blessings and goodness. second, i am going home amidst all doubts and fears. third, i just came from an extraordinary tour around egypt. i say the best gift i have received so far.

with my departure in egypt coming so fast, i started fixing my things. i chanced upon my old pictures and a smile came into my face as i saw how plump i was before. gosh, egypt has done a lot for me-some good and some bad.

sometimes, i don't want the kind of life i have but indeed, God is really intelligent. i now appreciate my life better. i see it in a different light.

God, thank you so much for the life that i have. all that i have and all that i am, are because of You. thank you for the challenges that came my way and thank you for the guidance you have provided to make me overcome those difficulties. thank you for opening my eyes to reality and making me act instead of closing again my eyes and forget what i saw. thank you for the courage always ready to push me. thank you for my family who is always supporting me. thank you for the friends that i have, the mentors, colleagues and for the random people who make my life special and meaningful.

thank you for the chance to be here in egypt. thank you for making me experience a lot of things both good and bad. thank you for the realizations that i have made through your intervention in my life.

help me to become a blessing for the people that i meet and for the people that i have in my life. continue your work in me o Lord. thank you and to You i trust my life. Amen.

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Ademola said...

I thank God for your life.....