Friday, October 2, 2009

Salam Egypt!

it was august 27 last year when i had the text message that i am set to leave for egypt by first week of september. at that time, i had already abandoned the plan of working where i am now. i have waited for it for about six months and i figured that it aint gonna happen.

so i pursued my nclex application and my plans to go to australia as well. things started pretty well until this text message changed my course of actions. i said to myself, a work experience is still a work experience. and so year later, i am celebrating my one year anniversary here in egypt and waiting for october 2, today, the date i will leave egypt.

i could have stayed longer. i could have finished my contract. i could have endured the situation of being away from home. but, i cannot endure the feeling that i am not suited into this place of people who do not have the penchant of excellence at work. i cannot take the thought that i am better off somewhere else rather in this ill-fated place of opportunists and greedy people.

i should thank them. yes, i should. for the trust to put a newbie in icu and for the belief that i can survive it. thank you for the small salary that is always cut by my penalty for absences because without it, i cannot have my fiona and sitti- my laptop and digicam. i should thank them for friends that i've met, for my colleagues in ccu that are truly worth keeping for life-ate emma, mark, gerby, jen, aidel,liza and she. i should thank them for letting me work with dr. shamy and dr. magrabhy for they believe and appreciate my work. i should thank them for the lessons in life that i have learned in the hard way. for making me feel that i should stand up for my rights, for what i want in my life and for what i truly believer is right.

i could cry over the hardships i endured, the body weight i've lost, the emotional upsets that occur to me over my persistence to be always at my best. i will miss egypt and all the special people i keep in my heart.

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