Tuesday, October 6, 2009


and i finally arrived. yes my friends, i am now on the Philippine soil. no more sallah. no more mohammed everywhere. no more "putok." no more gossips, rumors and frustrations. no more frenemies. no more power-tripping people. no more patients demanding every second of my attention. more importantly, no more work and no more money. so what's next?

surreal. that is how i will describe my four days of being here in the Philippines. at first, i said to myself that nothing's new. i realized, the place and the people, they are not new but me being immersed again in this circumstance is new. after a year of being away and living in a very conservative place, i am now in this very dynamic and very different place. i felt like a stranger to my own country and it is just so weird.

i have always feared the feeling of this awkwardness and the thought of what is next for me. i guess it is just normal to experience these once you are out of your comfort zone. so do i miss egypt? a little bit. i more comfortable here. truly, there is no place like home.

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