Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of Hopes and Dreams

i have high hopes. even when i was young, i would dream bigger than the rest of my siblings. i am determined and when needed, i am bold in making decisions.

and so i did it again with me going back home. no money and no clear assurance to where i am going as my next job, i still pursued it. all for the bigger dreams. this is what i would like to instill in my stubborn mind in each morning i wake up.

it is necessary as i come to convince myself, that being motivated and driven to that one goal would lead me to higher grounds. however, after two days of searching here and there for a job, my future seemed gloomy.

some would require me taking the ielts again and this other specific agency wants currently employed nurses for their client. hello! currently employed? are you crazy? are they not informed about the current situation of the nurses here?

after waiting for nothing for 20 minutes and giving my all in their english exam, the hr personnel did not even give a look to my credentials. amazing. at this point, i cannot understand why these people would do the screening process whereas they cannot even understand the duties and responsibilities of nurses much more the specific nursing areas.

maybe i am just bitter. well, i am because that is a job offer in norway! the best country to live at this moment of time!

after that event, i kinda succumbed to self-pity and doubt. i began questioning my direction and my goal but, this is not the right time. as i have said, i dream big.

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