Wednesday, February 22, 2012



been working hard the past week as i was on my own- no preceptor and no one to help me most of the time.

not that i am complaining but i can hardly feel that i still have life outside work. within one week of work, i had three 12-hour shifts which meant that i have already 12 hours of over time.

and oh, a senior staff commented that i had the most number of overtime work. is this what you call the baptism of fire?

well, anyway.

i had a lot of stories to tell but i do not know where to begin. shall i begin with patient relatives who are so demanding? or those patients who make me smile and appreciate my profession?

then there are these people at work who spew bad vibes that makes you wanna escape work. there are also the consultants (doctors) which they give you this feeling of being at the mercy of a god.

plus, i have three assignments due. two of which i think are at least a month old late.

i do not know where to start.

so there, i am still here. hopefully, better in time.

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