Friday, August 9, 2013

Not Affected

Dear Charlton E.

Everyone at _______ Recruitment sends their greetings. We know you are doing really well at St Georges, and we are delighted we helped you to achieve your dream.

We are urgently looking for Nurses with NMC DECISION LETTERS or waiting for their decision as we have a hospital that wants to move very quickly to recruit.

If you know of anyone with a PIN or an NMC decision letter please ask them to contact me urgently.

Also if you know anyone in a Nursing home that is looking to work for the NHS I would be interested in hearing from them too.

Please spread the word as I know you are all fantastic when it comes to networking.

God Bless.

today, i received this email. i mean, seriously?

nang-aasar ba sila? but then, i know better. i have moved on and my life, though not perfect, has a lot to be thankful for.

there are no more what ifs and regrets. only of thoughts and dreams to fulfill.

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