Friday, March 28, 2014

Life List Update 2

  1. learn how to swim 
    • my instructor just gave up on me.  will find another one soon!  i will jog for now.
  2. save
    • struggling...  will double my efforts after my vacation leave...
  3. travel to 3 new places
    • two more to go!  will cross out another one as i will travel to a new one later today.   yay!
  4. reach ideal body weight and maintain it thereafter
    • done with my annual physical exam and it showed that my BMI is pre-obese.  but hey, i am doing something now.
  5. be an expert in ecg reading
    • uhmm, still struggling.  i need more time and devotion to it.
  6. celebrate my birthday in a different country where i will live
    • i have few more months for this...
  7. sleep 7-8 hours/ day
    • always!  yay!
  8. write
    • i am trying...
  9. read 10 books (at least)
    • i have read my third book for this year- the giver.
    • more books to read.
  10. be the person who i want to meet
  11. meet my life partner
  12. watch a concert
    • will do in june!  yay!
  13. whine no more
  14. expect less
  15. talk to friends regularly
  16. smile a lot
  17. go home with the family with every chance that i have
  18. clean the room regularly
  19. throw the thrash
  20. practice yoga.  or just sun salutations at least
    • thanks to simply yoga i can proudly say that my warrior pose is almost perfect hehe.

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