Friday, March 28, 2014

Seeing Beauty

after not blogging for the longest time, i just don't know how to blog. i mean, where and how do i start? it has been weeks since the last time i have posted here but hey, i will just start.

so this is me trying to blog again. after all, i told Ryan that he should be blogging again. it i just proper that i blog again as well.

i really wanted to leave my job and be somewhere else. the compensation and the possibilities that i can have in a different work make me salivate in excitement. but the thing is, i can only hope and pray that the process for its realization be completed in an instant. so i will wait. i will focus my efforts on the things that i can improve on myself. especially, knowledge and skills relating to work. i am trying to enjoy whatever i can.

and Ryan, thank you for the call. it was the call that started it.

for two weeks now, i have been jogging. in our lawn and in a nearby sports track. i run very slow but i enjoy the process while listening to a podcast. i always feel great and accomplished. i started doing yoga as well. though not perfect, i like the feeling of doing stretches. i still have to check on my diet though. for now, i believe this is one investment that i can and that i should make.  swimming will just resume in a few months.

no more besties? i do not know. one thing is for sure, i have made the effort to reach out and to be with them but to no avail. distance even just a few floors from where you work plus the crazy work load can kill friendship.

well, i have to consider that their love life is pretty much solid that i must take the back seat now. thanks to my other colleagues from my original unit, i can be with them. we jog and we eat together. what is more amazing is that we all desire to live in a healthy and positive way.

in a somewhat futuristic approach of seeing things, i enjoy going home to our province more than ever before. i believe that i will truly miss this if ever God allows me again to work overseas in the coming months (wishing, praying and hoping). somehow, we have reached a certain level of maturity that everyone is just accepting our differences.

my life may not be perfect but i see the beauty in it.

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