Thursday, November 13, 2014

75: Baby Steps

today, i made a decision to invest in my future.  i just wanted to stop the cycle of working all my life for nothing.  i want to get out of the rat race and live comfortably.  

at 63, my dad is still looking for work overseas.  i wanted him to retire and rest.  but in reality, our current financial status says otherwise.  my sister is basically the breadwinner in our family.  while i am on my own, i get to contribute to the utilities once in a while.  pero hindi ito madalas.  my brother, the older of the twins, recently started work.  ok naman.  nakakatulong na rin kahit papano.  kaso hindi pa rin sapat.

you cannot blame me why i wanted to leave the country and work overseas.  i wanted a comfortable life for all of us but i guess baby steps for now.

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Lalah said...

go! kahit ako or sino man given the chance aalis talaga ng bansa! guts lang naman ang kailangan dyan eh!