Tuesday, November 4, 2014

81: Gratitude

We can be your friend.  We can be your advocate.  We can be your human towel.  We feed you.  We wipe your tears and even your sweat. 

We can sit with you and listen to your rants and secrets even if we have five pages of doctor's orders.  We try to accommodate all of your requests including finding a phone charger or getting the number of a restaurant even if we have to admit another patient.

We do a lot of things for you.  That includes your family, relatives or just plain visitors.  We juggle a lot of tasks just to care for you.  We deny ourselves a minute of rest, a glass of water and even the privilege of going to the bathroom.

There are no room for mistakes in what we do.  We go to work early but we get home two-four hours beyond our shift.  We are expected to know everything.

With all these tasks and the roles that we perform, we are left unappreciated most of the time. The doctors usually get all the glory.  Our work is undervalued as evidenced by our salary.  

So for you to really acknowledge my hard work and the things that we have to do for a meager salary, thank you. It really means a lot that you take notice of our integral part in your healing process.  More than the compensation, your words make me want to continue with my profession.

Thank you.


citybuoy said...

So much respect for nurses. I swear to God you guys must be angels in disguise. :p

Charltoninho said...

Wow thank you! I really appreciate that. :-)