Monday, October 20, 2008

Work, Work and Work

working for a living is do damn tough.

ito lang ang nasabi ko after almost two months of working here in egypt. i have been working since middle to late of septemeber in the critical care unit. and all i can say is that i have experienced the fiercest moments of my life as a professional. well, ito lang naman ang mga moments ko for now since this is my first job diba?

shocks ni sa tanang buhay ko sa college, i never experienced such hardships and complicated cases dito sa hospital. i felt so alone most of the time and helpless with the procedures i never knew existed in this world! in addition, patients who speak no english who were very agitated and uncooperative made my life these past days a real mess. idagdag mo pa ang charge nurse namin, si witch at ang nagmamagaling na doctor.

di ko alam kung makakaya pa namin ni mark. nagiisip na kaming magpalipat sa or or sa ward. please help God!


chriselle said...

di ka nag-iisa charlts..sometimes i do feel alone as well..i work kc king resource team ning 2 i basically work everywhere (general medicine/surgery, cardiology, transplant, ent/plastics, gyne/urology)..since ali ku regular staff king 1 floor, i have to deal with different staff and pt population as well. since im still fairly new ( 4 mos), kakapalan ku talaga mukha ku para mag-ask questions. i learned how to be vocal na madakal ku pa ali balung gawan. it's very challenging and sometimes i don't feel like going to work coz i don't know what's in store for me. anyways, hang in time, masane tamu rin i hope..God bless..

charltoninho said...

sana pin chris... gosh kasakit pala magwork ne? i have so much respect kareng minuna kekatamu. keni even if you told them na ala kang experience, they wont believe you kasi epa yari ing preceptorship mi, lalakwan da na kami. tang kasabe ming local keni, bisa neng mako kasi magkasakit ya rin. to think kalahio na nala reng tao keni tsaka ala nang language barrier. i hope in time maka-adjust talaga