Sunday, June 14, 2009

No What Ifs and No Turning Back

i just made my resignation letter to be sent later this month. yes i am resigning. i am going to pursue my goal, that is, to be able to work in the land down under. and it is because i am tired of working with people who do not know the meaning of professionalism, fair and consideration. i am also tired of fronting my fake smile behind my crushed dignity and wrath-filled blood. so more than two months from now, i am leaving egypt...

People can be really so mean. after all the hard work you did, all you get is pure power tripping from people who are drowning from a glass of new-found authority. can't they just teach their staff, talk to them nicely, reprimand when necessary and appreciate a job well done? by this, i mean to every staff? not just to egyptians.

from the start, i have always succeeded in leaving things where they should be left and taken care of. if i have problems at home, i leave it there. now if you have problems with your girlfriend, do not bring the problem to her fellow Filipinos. be fair and be professional. you are a doctor. our work is no stranger to you. we both work our assess off just to save lives and with that, you should have at least an ounce of consideration.

i am ending this post to where i started- my forthcoming resignation. i am having some doubts and fears about what will happen but digging deeper into it, i know it is the risk that i have to take if i really want to be where i want to be. no what ifs and no turning back.

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