Friday, June 15, 2012


while writing this, i had to stretch out my leg and rest for a while. i am having leg cramps. for more than 12 hours, i stood, ran, pushed beds and carried people.

my shift was not easy. i had to prepare a patient for surgery while trying to attend to his emotional needs. he was feverish and had high blood pressure. he was frustrated because he sustained injuries from a drunk man driving a tricycle and was irresponsible enough to be on the streets.

then i had to discharge patients. one patient was not able to settle the professional fee of one of her doctors. so now, i might pay the fee.

if i could just cut myself into four, i probably did it a while ago. i am sorry but could not help but whine. i know it is wrong but i just did not know what to do.

until, i saw my preceptor. she was the one who guided my while i started out with my new work. in difficult times, her patience and kindness stood out.

i will miss you ma'am.