Wednesday, June 13, 2012


i have been away for so long from my blog that i thought blogging again would not be possible. like the old days when i was in egypt, i could hardly blog and tell you so many wonderful stories. well, some are really not that good.

as you might have known, work is the number one killer of my time. my usual routine is described as work-home-do the laundry-eat-sleep. no more social life and my time for my academic pursuits keep vanishing.

at this point, i consider it as the most challenging time. my body could not keep up with the things that i have to do. well, i have myself to blame- procrastination and lack of focus. these things sadly have taken their part in my work that for two days, i was only saved by a prayer from committing errors. errors which usually are not common to me.

exhaustion. yes it could be. morning shifts just drain me of my energy. right now, i am sick again with colds. last year was not like this. i could only think of three times when i had colds but this year, this is my third already.

the slump i am experiencing right now, i know how to end it. but, it seems that it gets the better of me. like staying like this would be fine with me.

ending this, i have Nadal in my mind. his struggles with Nole has come to an end. like what he said, he had to prepare all the time and respect the opponent. i know his win is something special for me.

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