Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Patience from Patients

if there is one thing that i would have to be thankful with my work in an instant, that is teaching me how to be patient.

i usually flare up. especially with the twins. or when in a fast food chain and i have to wait for so long. probably, got it from my mom which i hated.

my seniors have shown me the ultimate patience. especially when i ask a lot of questions or when i am taking too long in doing a specific task.

in addition, my patients have taught me the lesson very well. from me taking a while to respond to their requests or when i am covering up a delay which is beyond our control, i can only thank them and learn from their unbelievable patience.

yesterday, i was at the most perfect time to be at the receiving end of a flare up. a relative came into the station shouting like there was no tomorrow. she was complaining of having to wait for four hours before blood transfusion can begin for her father. medically speaking, her father is stable at that time. but of course, she would not understand or to say the least, listen to our side.

the patient arrived at our unit at 6:30 am and at the time she came at the station attacking us with her faulty arguments and her funny face, it was 7:30 am. she did not understand our process and from where we were coming but we do understand her concern for her loved one. i have a family as well.

but, i realized that in those times that i flared up, it was just a waste of energy. plus, my face does not look good with all the negative vibe.

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