Wednesday, March 6, 2013


day 1 at the new unit of assignment. icu transfer. diaper changes. less than 24-hour post-operative phase. unfamiliarity with the new surroundings.

to sum it up: it was a tiring and exhausting.

my day started really well until a patient started to feel nauseated and vomited. then, the baptism of fire happened. i guess it could have been easier if i had the necessary tools-familiarity with the unit, a password to keep my need for the supplies answered and probably just the little things that make a shift smooth-micropore, calculator (lost it during the shift), marker and some nourishment.

to be fair, there were some people who were really kind. and helpful but then, home is really where your heart is. even if you had the busiest and craziest shift, still, if you are with the people that you work with on a regular basis, everything seems fine. i really do not know how long i can stand these- different unit, crazy shifts and the feeling of starting again.

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