Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Crisis

as far as i know, monster mom is in midlife crisis. coupled with her actual menopause, her constant "temper tantrums" and impatience were just some of the highlights.

monster mom never really had to work in life. after marrying dad, she spent her life taking care of us. with the help of yayas. she never practiced her profession which was midwifery. now that we are all grown up and the financial situation of the family is really not that pleasing, she kinda makes us feel that the life she is living right now is something she did now dream of.

complains. whining. comparisons to the life of her friends at the gym. my dad, my brothers and my sister- they just remain silent. i feel like her crisis is something that affects us all.

i don't know. i guess she has to conquer her monsters after all.

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