Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marching On

as if the breakup was not enough, things started to go against my way.

nearing deadline for the super delayed portfolio, my laptop just went black. the screen just stopped permitting me to type my nursing care plan and all. and when was that? like two days from our pay day? to add, that was holy wednesday when i could expect a lot of stores to be closing down for holidays.

define panic.

i had no choice but to use the money allotted for rent. thirty minutes after, my laptop is working again. and just when i thought everything is beginning to be okay, i had a patient who had to remove his iv line because he just wanted to stand. he could have called me but then again, at 95 years old, would he mind my concerns? so there, i went home at 8:00 am when i handled only three patients.

i thought again, it is okay. i will be on off duty for like four days.

but thing is, i got robbed on a holy thursday!

it could not get any worse. so now, i do not have a decent mobile phone and it feels like i have not taken a vacation at all with all the sleepless nights and trauma of being threatened by a teenager.

so march, thank you. thank you that will be a thing of the past along with all the bad memories.

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