Tuesday, September 16, 2014


hindi ako aabot.  hindi rin ako aalis this month.  there, i said it.

thanks to ryan, i got the one thing that i need right now- the painful dose of reality that i will not celebrate my birthday in another country  and for that, i feel for my parents.  again.  i feel like their hopes are being crushed again and again sa mga paasang pangyayari sa buhay ko.

i know hindi naman final to as compared dun sa nangyari sakin before.  it can be solved.  it is just that nagmamadali siguro ako and that i'd like to take these matters in my own time frame.  medyo excited siguro to experience new things but the timing is not right pa.   

i'll wait.  i will grab the chance to learn new things.  i'll continue swimming.  i'll probably work as a reliever for private duty nurses so i will still have an income.  then, i might travel to a new place kapag may konting naipon but i will definitely enjoy my birthday here...

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